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Invisalign® vs. Conventional Braces

“At the age of 14, I received conventional metal braces. After two years of treatment my smile was straight and I wore a retainer. One night my dog chewed my retainer to pieces and I never received a new one. Within a few years my teeth were in the same position as before the braces. Now, at 24 years old, I have decided to get Invisalign to straighten my teeth out again and this time they are going to stay straight. Having had both conventional braces and Invisalign, I can tell you Invisalign is much easier to handle. The only catch is you have to be willing to wear them. The conventional braces had many disadvantages. For example: They poked the back of my gums with the sharp metal wire, cleaning them took a lot of time and detail, brackets would break off very easily, requiring me to make extra visits to the doctor's office. With my new Invisalign braces, I can pop them out, clean my mouth and trays and pop them back in. The smooth plastic doesn't hurt the inside of your mouth and the trays are very durable. With the Invisalign my doctor appointments are about five minutes, unlike the 20 minutes it takes to change out the conventional wire braces. Looking back on both of my braces experiences, I would say Invisalign has worked out the best.” – Mike R.


“I began my Invisalign process as I feel anyone would—I checked out the website and from there was redirected to a site where I could look up providers in my area. I quickly noticed that there was a major difference between all the dentists and orthodontists that were proficient in Invisalign. I chose Dr. Prince because of his status as Premier Elite Provider, which simply means that he has treated a number of cases and has had great success in treating those patients. I knew I had to have the best and from his credentials on the computer, he seemed to be the perfect choice. I even drove more than 50 miles to see him. I immediately called the office and in October of 2007 I had my first consultation. After about five minutes I knew I had come to the right place and I began the process right away.

“In my individual case, my teeth were relatively straight already, but I did need them to be straighter and I did not want to deal with metal braces. I also wanted people to think that I was born with my teeth already perfectly straight! That is why Invisalign was the perfect choice.

“I received my first set of aligners in December of 2007. I had ten bottom aligners total and six top aligners. I noticed a change in my teeth within two months. I was a candidate for the Express program which because of this I only needed to have braces for four months! It is truly amazing how the Invisalign system works, and I am living testament that not only are they convenient because you can take them out to eat, drink, brush and floss, but they also have made my teeth as straight as possible. I know some may be skeptical about the whole process, but I recommend Invisalign 100% and my advice to anyone who is questioning straightening their teeth… just make an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Prince, he will not only answer all your questions and put all your concerns to rest, he will also do everything in his power to help you.

“Every visit with Dr. Prince and his staff was absolutely wonderful. They are the warmest and genuinely sweetest group of people you will ever meet in an office setting. I was treated great in the short time that I was a patient and have nothing but wonderful feelings towards this doctor. I am truly lucky for finding such a wonderful and caring physician that I could trust. Your smile truly is everything and thanks to Invisalign and Dr. Prince I have the greatest smile in the world.” – Tabitha S.

Headache Relief

“This is just a note to thank you so much for all your help. As you know, this is a brief overview of my history:

“For about 30 years, I have been suffering from headaches on a daily basis. Most of my life, I have dealt with some kind of headache, some worse than others. I have had my vision checked each year, wondering if this maybe the cause. I also went to my family doctor, perhaps thinking it was stress or tension related. I even went to my allergist thinking the cause had to be from allergies. Over the years, I had many tests including vision, hearing, thyroid, CT scans of my sinuses and head, and finally an MRI. I was happy these tests had all come back normal, but since nothing was found by the testing, I basically gave up trying to find a solution and resigned myself to living with this situation.

“A few months ago, I took my son to see Dr. Douglas Prince, because he needed to be seen for an orthodontic consultation, for braces or possibly using Invisalign. After my son's exam, Dr. Prince, asked if he could also examine my other two children. During the conversation, he asked me if he could check my teeth as well. During the exam, Dr. Prince asked me if I grind and clench my teeth. I said no, I did not think so, but then he asked me if my jaw ever popped, I said no as I had not given it much thought, but yes, it does. The next question surprised me, ‘Do you ever get headaches?’ I told him I get headaches every day, sometimes lasting all day. He explained to me that I grind and clench my teeth a great deal because Dr. Prince saw excessive wear on my teeth, and that the constant pressure from doing this could be a cause for the headaches. In fact, he was sure it was a large part of the cause. He then asked me if I would wear an appliance, 24/7, except for eating, to see if it would help me. He was convinced that it would make a difference, if not 100% relief, then close to it. I figured I had nothing to lose and I told Dr. Prince I would give it a try.

“I was shocked! I wore the appliance for approximately two months and returned to the office for a follow-up visit, a changed person. My headaches were virtually gone, and my jaws had stopped popping! No more waking up wondering how I was going to feel. I woke up each morning feeling great, no headache to slow me down. What a difference this has made in my life, and I am so happy! Finally, I had the answer that had been searching for!

“Now, I am in the process of correcting my bite with Invisalign. I know the headaches could return if I don't have the cause of the problem corrected. As Dr. Prince explained to me, when my teeth fit and function properly, this will take pressure off of my joints. When jaws fit and function correctly, my joints and teeth will be healthy and my headaches should not return.” – D.W.

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